A W A R D S & P U B L I C A T I O N S

The Mousx Brothers" iWon "Best Homage" award the 2023 Philcon Art Show

Best of Show Award 2023, Bubonicon, Albuquerque, NM

Best 2-D Award for "Octavia" at Pemmi-Con, Winnipeg, Canada

The Mouse Clinic" iWon "Best Homage" award the 2021 Philcon Art Show.

Che Mousgvara Won "Best Black & White" award the 2019 Philcon Art Show.

-Asimov won "Best Homage" award
at the 2018 Philcon Art Show.

Roland/Zacherly won "Best Homage" award and "Liberty Leading the Mice" won "Best Water Color
at the 2016 Philcon Art Show.

My "Sehkmet" painting is included in the recently published "Gods & Goddesses" Fantasy Illustration Library Vol. 2, fine art books by Michael Publishing of Naperville, Illinois

Won "Best Three Dimensional" Award for "Found Egyptian Artifact" at the 2015 Philcon Art Show.

Illustration for "Sunwalker" by D. Richard Bist - Space & Time Magazine, Fall 2015

Illustration for "From the Darkness Beneath" by D. Thomas Minton - Space & Time Magazine, Fall 2015

Illustration for"The Squid that Came to Phil’s Basement" by Scott Pearson,
Space & Time Magazine, Spring 2014

Illustration for "Quadrangles" by Megan Maloney, Space & Time Magazine, Spring 2014

Awarded "Best Use of Humor" Award at 2014 Archon 38 Art Show.

Awarded the "People's Choice - Best Humor" Award at Norwescon 37 Art Show.

My "Flying Dutchman" painting is included in the recently published "Lands & Legends" Fantasy Illustration Library Vol. 1,fine art books by Michael Publishing of Naperville, Illinois
Illustration for "The Punk Meets The Godfather" by Chris DeFilippis, Space & Time Magazine, Summer 2013

Artist Guest of Honor at the Bubonicon Art Show in Albuquerque, NM in August 2013

Illustration for "GANG AFT A-GLEY" by: C.J. Henderson, Space & Time Magazine, Spring 2013

Illustration for "Society of Dead Milkmen" by George Galuschak, Space & Time Magazine, Fall 2012

I was awarded the "Beast of Show" award at the 2012 Bubonicon Art Show.

I was awarded "Best Science Fiction Tribute" Award at the November 2012 Philcon Art Show.

Illustration for "The Gnomes of Carrick County" by John R. Fultz
Space & Time Magazine Spring 2012

Awarded "Best Humor" for "The Rumor" and "Best Art based on Philcon Speaker" Awards at 2011 Philcon Art Show, Cherry Hill, NJ.

Illustration for "The Secret of the Ultimate Male Enhancement" By Robert T. Jeschonek
Space & Time Magazine - Fall 2011

Illustration for "Man-Flyer" By Richard Wolkomir - Nth. Zine #6

CD Cover art for "Free Flying" by Grammy Award winner, Brett Schuster

Awarded "Best Humor" for "The Rumor" and "Best Art based on Philcon Speaker" Awards at 2011 Philcon Art Show, Cherry Hill, NJ.

Illustration for The Clockwork Looking Glass;
or, How Mr. Fox Earned His Stripes by Adam Corbin Fusco. Space & Time Magazine- Spring 2011

Awarded "Best Artist - Popular Vote" award at the 2010 PhilCon Art Show, Cherry Hill, NJ

"Draculmouse" can be found in "WANTED UNDEAD OR ALIVE: Vampire Hunters and Other Kick-Ass Enemies of Evil" by Jonathan Maberry and Janice Gable Bashman

Awarded "Best of Show Award" for "Scandal" at ReConStruction NASFIC Art Show in Raleigh, NC

Illustration for "Pegleg and Paddy Saves the World" by Jonathan Maberry
Space & Time Magazine, Fall 2010 - Space & Time Magazine.

Illustration for "Fleeing Tezcatlipoca" By Aliette de Bodard and "Waterlilies"
By Edward Willett - Space & Time Magazine, Summer 2010

Cover art for NthZine #4 March - April 2010

"Dragon Vision", "Wizard Tree", "Le passage" and "The Herd" are featured in "The Fantasy Art Bibke" from Chartwell Books, Inc.

Book cover art for "Axes of Evil" by Michael A. Ventrella

Illustration for "The Tortoiseshell Cat In The Dark Box" By Tim W. Burke
Space & Time Magazine, Spring 2010 -
Space & Time Magazine.

Cover art for "Heavy Metal Horror, RYMFIRE eBooks.

Illustration for "End of Our World As We Know It" by Robert Swartwood, Space & Time Magazine,
Winter 2009 -
Space & Time MagazineI

llustration for "Small Hotel" by Dennis Danvers, Space & Time Magazine, Winter 2009 -
Space & Time Magazine.
Cover art for "Vermin" an eBook Anthology", RYMFIRE eBooks.

Illustration for "The Solid Men: A Rick Rambler/ Time Patrol Mystery" by C.J. Henderson -
Nth Zine #2 Sept. 2009.

"Best use of humor" award for Leonmouso Da Vinci at Archon 2009

Le Gargoyle" featured in" THEY BITE!: Endless Cravings of Supernatural Predators" by Jonathan Maberry and David F. Kramer

Created Illustration for "The Love Quest of Smidgen the Snack Cake" by Robert T. Jeshonek, Fall 2009 - Space & Time Magazine.

"E is for Eye Glasses" won 3rd. Place Humor Award at FiestaCon Westercon 62 2009

Created Illustration for "Since Adam’s Fall" by John B. Rosenman, Fall 2008 - Space & Time Magazine.

Received the 2008 "Best Humor" Award for my Mouseopolitan Museum of Art series at Philcon 2008 in Cherry Hill, NJ.

American Gothic Mice is included in a new book of poetry by poet S. David
titled Confluences: The Narratives Show.

"Katrina Hunter" featured in the just released "Zombie CSU"
by Bram Stoker Award Winner Jonathan Maberry.

Won the First Place Black & White Award at the Necronomicon Art Show in Lakeland FL Sept. 2008.

"Astro Clown" was part of the "Paradise Lost" exhibition at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY Sept. 27 through Nov. 2, 2008

Solo show at Naidre's, at 384 7th. Ave. in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn.
The show Sept. 9 through Oct. 15, 2008

Created the illustration for "Modern Monotremes" by Chet Gottfried
in the Summer 2008 edition of Space & Time Magazine.

Solo show at the Tea Lounge, Brooklyn, NY July 30 through Aug. 29, 2008

"Mouse Watch" won Honorable Mention Award at the Libertycon art show (July 2008), in Chattanooga, TN

Mummy Mouse won the Judges Choice Award at the Lunacon Art Show in Rye, NY in March 2008

Bride of Frankenmouse won the Judges Choice Award at Arisia Art Show
in Cambridge, Ma January 2008

Awarded "Best Cute" Award for Body of Mice at Philcon 2007

My paintings "Night & Day" and "The Gathering" have been included in
"The Cryptopedia" A Dictionary of the weird, strange and downright bizarre
by Bram Stoker Award Winner Johathan Maberry and David Kramer.
"The Cryptopedia" also won a Stoker Award in March 2008

2nd Place - Pro 2D Body of Mouse Work Award - Trinic*coN Art Show, Raleigh, NC

Illustration for "The Ineffable" by Jeffrey Ford - Spring 2007, Space and Time magazine.

My painting "Paul Mouse Revere" recently won the Staff Pick Award at the Arisia Art Show in Cambridge, MA

Received "Body of Work" Award at PlilCon 2006 Art Show

"Second Place" Award for "E is for Eye Glasses" at Necronomicon 2006 Art Show

Two second place Awards for Humor (A is for Artist) and Science Fiction awarded at
Coppercon Art Show in Tempe, AZ

Recently won"Body of Work" Award at LA Con IV WorldCon Art Show, Anaheim, CA

My painting "Escape" used for the cover of the Spring 2006 edition of the Science Fiction Writers Association SFWA Bulletin.

Won The Most Alien Award for "The Herd" at Conzilla WesterCon 2006 Art Show in San Diego, CA

Won the 2nd PlaceScience Fiction Award for "Retreat 2" and the 3rd Place Humor award for "D is for Ducky" at the LepreCon 2006 Art Show in Chandler, AZ.

"The Herd" was chosen Guest of Honor pick award at the 2006 OdysseyCon Art Show in Madison, WI.

Illustration for short story "Time to Kill"
Cover Illustration Nth. Degree Magazine #14 September 2005

Illustration for short story "Life Memory"Nth. Degree Magazine #13 May 2005

Illustration for short story "Friends and Food"Nth. Degree Magazine #13 May 2005

"Best Black & White" Award - Philcon 2004, Philadelphia, PA

Illustration for short story "Alternate Cognition" by M.T.Verma - Nth. Degree Magazine Dec. 2004

2nd. Place Overall Award, Amateur Category - Lunacon 2004 Art Show, Rye New York

"Best Painting Outside the Box" Award - PhilCon 2003, Philadelphia, PA

My illustration "The Herd" featured in the Canadian publication "Challenging Destiny" June 2003 edition.

New painting the "Demon Hunters" cover by A. L. Neff

New book cover. Re-issue of "Za' Varuk's Stone" by A. L. Neff.

"Best Reflections" Award - PhilCon 2002, Philadelphia, PA for "Ancient Traveler Observing Himself"

Completed 2 book covers for A. L. Neff's "Pleides Series". "Pine Tree Wind' and
"A Mind Without Disease"

3 Outer Worlds Portfolios covers for Esselte Corporation

Full page color illustration for
"Flower of the Void" (short story) by James Killus
Artemis Magazine, Summer 2002

"Best computer art Award" - JerseyDevilCon 2002, Edison, NJ for "Nebular Painter II"

"Best Horror/Fantasy Award" - ConGlomeration 2002, Louisville, KY for "Shadow Vamp"

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