The Prosperpine Mouse art by Alan F. Beck
Sekhmet is the Egyptian goddess of the sun, war, destruction, plagues and healing. She is one of the oldest deities and one of the most powerful. She is a member of the Memphite (cult center in Memphis) triad together with husband Ptah, the god of creation and wisdom and son Nefertum, the god of sunrise. She is said to be the daughter of the sun god Ra created when his eye looked upon the earth. She is also sometimes seen as a daughter of Nut, the sky and Geb, the earth. Her name may also be spelled as Sakhet, Sekmet, Sachmet, Sakhmet, Sekhet or Sacmis in Greek that translates to “the Powerful One”
"Sehkmet "
Price $450 Framed.
Acrylic on canvas - 20" x 16"
To purchase, e-mail me at
put "Sehkmet "in the subject line.

Painting included in the "Gods & Goddesses " Fantasy Art Library Book, Volume 2
fine art books by Michael Publishing of Naperville, Illinois

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