by S. David

There is
Sustenance there
Though the plain
Barren and bare
Yet the herd
Travels on
Are they
Remoras or
Those spheres
Above each
Alien beasts
And where and
Whence and
The meaning yes
The meaning of
Their traveling
There is
There must be
A reason
A ‘why’
They go
A ‘why’
They leave
Two more
Besides is or are
A beginning
An end

©2010 S. David
The Herd
"The Herd"
Product Illustration - Digital - 10" x 11"
"The Herd" can be found in
The Fantasy Art Bible
published by Chartwell Books, Inc. 2009
"The Herd" also was featured in the 2003 edition of Challenging Destiny Magazine.

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