Queen of Crows
A poem by S. David

In a land
Of Neverwhen,
Where dreamers
Dream of Fanastical
Beings in phantasmical
Situations, there
Once was, oh, call it
A monkey bird
Climbed and flew
And flew and climbed
All trees and fences
That were barriers
To all sorts of plans
The transforming bird
Met the Queen of
Another, so-different
Species and
Watched her
Waver in the night
Now this, now that,
Now which, now what.
And whined aloud
In frustration,
"Stop that"
And had to run
Away before
It lost its head,
For waking up
The Dreaming

©S. David 2003

The monkey bird watches,
Drifting in and out over the land.
The crow queen dreams,
There, not there, there, not.

"Queen of Crows"

Water Color on paper -12" x 17"
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