Whistler's Mother by
James McNeill Whistler (1834-1903). American-born painter and graphic artist, active mainly in England. Averse to sentimentality in painting, he was a leading proponent of the credo "art for art's sake". He took to signing his paintings with a stylized butterfly, possessing a long stinger for a tail. The symbol was apt, for Whistler's art was characterized by a subtle delicacy, in contrast to his flamboyant public persona.

"Mouslers Mother" - Original Painting Sold

Water Color, 7" x 5"
Based on "Whistler's Mother" by James McNeill Whistler, 1871

Mouslers Mother signed, limited edition print
Printed using archival ink and paper.
4" x 6" print in 5" x 7" mat. $20.00
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