Catherine Mouse Parr by Alan F. Beck
Catherine Howard
Portrait of Catherine Parr attributed to William Scrots, c. 1545. Catherine Parr (c.1512 – 1548) was the last of the six wives of Henry VIII of England. She was queen consort of England during 1543–1547, then Dowager Queen of England. She was the most-married English Queen, with four husbands.

William Scrots ( 1537 – 1553) was a painter of the Tudor court and an exponent of the Mannerist style of painting in the Netherlands. In England, he followed Hans Holbein as King's Painter to Henry VIII. He continued in this role during the reign of the boy king Edward VI.

"Catherine Mouse Parr" - Original painting sold.
Water Color, 4" x 6"
Based on the portrait of Catherine Parr attributed to William Scrots, c. 1545
National Portrait Gallery, London..

"Catherine Mouse Parr" signed, limited edition print (100)
Printed using archival ink and paper.
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