To Fantasy
[or Stonehenge in my World]
by S. David
It is my World
Damn it
I see it
The way I want it
My reality
Not yours
Live your own life
Your own reality
I do not run
I do not climb
I cannot swim
The weights I lift
Ten pounds is
Enough if
They’re not
Books and
I worship
In my own
Chosen places
To me the Sun
Rises in the East
Some of my heroes
Fall some fail
No longer maintained
No longer lintels
Nor foundations
Grass will grow
Over their names
Still I worship
Pagan that I am
I would make
No Kaaba
No Lourdes
No an almost

©S. David
"Stonehenge on my Planet" - Original painting sold.
Acrylic on canvas
26" x 18"

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