American Gothic Mice
A Poem by S. David

Still in a world
Of "what if"
A world of
There is dignity
It was across
A dimension rift
In a replica
By rodent ilk
As the simian branch
Never developed
A farmer and
His daughter
Posed for their picture

©S. David 2007
"American Gothic"
by Grant Wood1891-1942
Wood's best known work is his 1930 painting American Gothic, one of the most familiar images in 20th century American art. The painting was first exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago where it can still be found today. Today, the painting is often parodied in pop culture, and remains one of the most notable examples of American Regionalism.

"American Gothic"
All rights reserved by The Art Institute of Chicago and VAGA, New York, NY
American Gothic Mice is included in a book of
poetry by poet S. David
titled Confluences:
The Narratives Show.
"American Gothic Mice" - Original Sold
Water Color, 4" x 6"
Based on "American Gothic" c.1930 by Grant Wood

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